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Breast Lift Baltimore Artistry In Plastic Surgery

A Mastopexy, better known as a breast lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps raise a woman’s breast.

By removing unneeded extra skin, the surgery helps to remove sagging. By tightening the remaining skin around the tissue, a breast lift also works to support your newly formed breasts.

Many women who are satisfied with the size of their breasts but are unhappy with their breast profile are choosing to have their breasts surgically lifted to achieve a more uplifted look. In fact since the year 2000, breast lift surgery has grown over 70% according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Baltimore breast lift surgeon Dr. Brent Birely has noticed the trend to breast lift over breast augmentation in patients with no volume issues. Breast lift not only corrects sagging but if necessary, can reduce the size of the areola which often becomes enlarged over time. Patients undergoing breast reduction will also have a breast lift as part of the procedure. Dr. Birely understands the importance of having a youthful and vibrant appearance. As such, he is one of the top providers of the breast lift Baltimore has to offer.

Breast Lift Baltimore

Will there be visible scars from breast lift surgery?

Anytime there is an incision, there will be a scar. The true test of the skill of a plastic surgeon is in the planning and placement of the incisions and how thin the resulting scar will be. Dr. Birely is a board certified plastic surgeon with thousands of procedures to his credit. His goal is always on the best aesthetic outcome that is possible with particular focus on the resulting scar.

The placement of incisions can be discussed during your preoperative consultations. Incisions will need to be planned according to your particular anatomy and will always be done as minimally as possible.

Breast Lift Baltimore

Impeccable surgical technique results in minimal scarring

Dr. Birely has a reputation for being a perfectionist – a highly desirable trait for a cosmetic surgeon. He produces among the finest breast lift Baltimore women could hope for due to his ability to place incisions where they are less likely to be noticed. His closing technique is meticulous, designed to reduce tension and trauma to the incision while it is healing. This is a key factor for clean healing which results in scars that are virtually invisible once they are completely healed.

If you are concerned about scarring due to your particular response to healing, discuss this with Dr. Birely. There are many techniques and post operative scar therapies available for those who may have had poor scarring outcomes in the past.

Am I a Good Candidate
for a Breast Lift?

Many women opt for a breast lift after they have lost the ‘perkiness’ that they once possessed. This loss, the loss of skin elasticity and natural uplift, can be caused by many factors. Candidates typically notice their breasts experiencing lows and sagging from things such as breast feeding, gravity, heredity and weight loss. Women, desiring to reverse these effects may benefit from a procedure. Unlike a breast augmentation, however, breast lift surgery will not significantly change the size of your breasts. A breast augmentation is more appropriate if significant size and shape changes are desired. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Birely can further determine if a breast lift can create the solutions you hope for.

As One of Baltimore’s Best Surgeons,
Dr. Birely Will Guide You through Your Breast Lift Procedure

Before surgery, a consultation with Dr. Birely can determine what techniques may be best for your desired results. Each breast lift is catered to each patient’s needs. The areas considered for your procedure will include:

  • Your current breast size and shape
  • Where your areolas are positioned on your chest
  • The degree of lift desired
  • Skin elasticity and sagging

Although the technique will be individual to each woman’s needs, you can expect specific steps to every breast lift procedure. First, Dr. Birely will administer either a sedative or anesthesia to perform your surgery. Once you are sleeping, an incision will be made either around the areola, vertically away from the areola, or horizontally along the breast crease. Your breasts will be reshaped and firmed; your areolas moved to a more perky height. Skin may be removed to reduce sagging. Finally, Dr. Birely will place sutures or skin adhesives to preserve your new look.

In Lutherville & Bel Air, What Can I Expect after a Breast Lift Procedure?

After your procedure, you will be wearing supportive dressings, bandages, and garments for healing. In order to drain unwanted fluids, a drain tube may be kept near your incisions. Dr. Birely will give also you specific instructions for your post procedure care. These instructions may include:

  • Caring for your breasts after surgery
  • Taking or applying medications
  • Looking for signs indicating infection or risks
  • Avoiding potentially harmful activities
  • Checking in with Dr. Birely for a follow up appointment

Recovery time may include feelings of tenderness or general discomfort. Some bruising or numbness may also occur during healing. Most after effects of your procedures will subside within a few weeks after the surgery day. Your full results, lifted and perky breasts, should reach completion within a few months. If you have any further questions about your breast lift recovery, Dr. Birely can answer them during your initial consultation.