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Coolsculpting Baltimore, MD Artistry In Plastic Surgery

Suffering from areas of stubborn fat? You may want to consider CoolSculpting®.

Diet and exercise resistant fat can be frustrating and harmful to your self-esteem. Learning more about the procedure can help you determine your candidacy and remove the unwanted bulges in a way that benefits you and your lifestyle needs.

CoolSculpting Baltimore

What Is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical procedure that cools fat kills fat cells by freezing them while leaving other skin tissue unharmed. This revolutionary procedure targets the small pockets of fat around the waistline, abdomen, arms and outer thighs which are very resistant to diet and exercise. In Baltimore CoolSculpting is safely provided by Dr. Brent Birely, a board certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing for over two decades. It is easy to see why his patients consider him to be one of the best providers of plastic surgery Maryland & Baltimore have to offer.

As an alternative method to invasive surgery, the method allows you to avoid a longer recovery time usually associated with intensive procedures. Developed by Harvard scientists, this FDA-cleared, patented procedure uses a targeted cold to reduce fat tissue lying beneath the skin. The tissue freezes off your problem areas. The iced tissue becomes crystallized and naturally leaves the body.

CoolSculpting Baltimore

How long does CoolSculpting last?

The benefit of having among the finest CoolSculpting Baltimore can provide is that once the fat cells have been treated, their chance of returning is *substantially diminished. If there is future weight gain, the fat cells that still exist in other areas of the body will expand, but the areas treated with CoolSculpting are commonly unaffected.

CoolSculpting is a great benefit for those who have stubborn pockets of fat in areas that are almost impossible to reduce by diet and exercise. Women are particularly happy to finally rid themselves of saddlebags, or the layer of fat around the waistline referred to as a ‘muffin top’. Men are equally happy to finally have a sculpted back or to have their double chin diminished through CoolSculpting.

*Individual results may vary.

Who is a Candidate for
CoolSculpting in Baltimore with Dr. Birely?

Some men and women suffer from fatty pockets that survive all attempts of dieting and exercise. If you suffer from similar problems, CoolSculpting may offer you a solution. The procedure is not meant as a weight loss solution for patients with larger goals or weight loss needs. For those patients, liposuction may be a more effective procedure. Candidates for CoolSculpting® hope to address smaller areas that may include:

  • Male chest
  • Chin, Bra Fat, Back Fat, Flanks
  • Upper and Lower Abdomen
  • Knee Fat, Axillary puff
  • Arms or Armpit fat
  • Muffin tops, or areas just above the belt line
  • Love handles, bulges around the waist
  • Thigh bulges or saddle bags.

During a one-on-one consultation Dr. Birely can determine if CoolSculpting can deliver beneficial results catering to your specific needs. Coolsculpting is not a substitute for a weight loss program or liposuction. Patients should have a stable weight that is within 10 to 20 pounds of their ideal weight.

The focus of CoolSculpting is primarily aimed at people who are close to their ideal weight but have stubborn pockets of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. Consulting Dr. Birely is among the best way of determining what your best option is. Dr. Birely provides among the best CoolSculpting Maryland residents could hope for. It isn’t for everyone but for those who are plagued with 5 to 10 pounds of immovable fat deposits, it can be the means to finally achieving their weight loss and image goals.

In Bel Air & Lutherville, What Can I Expect during a CoolSculpting® Procedure?

Once you have opted for your CoolSculpting® procedure, you can experience the freezing technology work to reduce your problem areas. Dr. Birely, using a cooling applicator, will apply cold temperatures to those stubborn fatty areas. Each area treatment can take up to one hour. The procedure is completely non-surgical, so typically you can return to normal activities immediately.

How many CoolSculpting treatments will I need?

Treatment plans are often performed twice for the best results.

When looking for the most effective Coolsculpting Maryland has to offer, plan to undergo as many treatments as Dr. Birely recommends. This will give you the fastest and most effective result from this remarkable, non invasive treatment.

Preparing for a CoolSculpting treatment

The good news is that there is no preparation required for a CoolSculpting treatment. This is a true lunch hour treatment designed to allow patients to return to work or their usual activities immediately following treatment.

Patients can work on their computers, take a nap or listen to music during treatment. All they will notice is a cold feeling at the treatment site which lasts for only a short time.

CoolSculpting Maryland

How Long is Recovery after CoolSculpting?

You may notice some redness near the treated areas. Some patients also experience minor bruising, tingling, and discomfort as well. Nevertheless, these side effects are temporary and tend to resolve completely in a few weeks. Your results will usually appear throughout the next few days as your body flushes the remaining tissue.

How long before I see the result of CoolSculpting treatments?

Sometimes patients notice their results in as little as three weeks after treatment. Others’ results may become apparent over a two month period. Your body will continue lose the affected tissue for up to four months. It is important that you remember your body will naturally flush out the frozen fat cells for up to four months after treatment. You can enjoy full results only two months after your initial treatment. However, some patients also may notice their new look within as little as three weeks after treatment. If you are looking to lose fat from those stubborn areas, look no further than Dr. Birely for some of the best CoolSculpting Baltimore has to offer.

Learn More About Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting is one of the best ways to help restore a more youthful look and sculpt your body. CoolSculpting's advanced technology is FDA-cleared and has become one of the most popular new treatments for reducing body fat, particularly in stubborn areas. The CoolSculpting procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive and works to trim away excess fat from the tummy, love handles, thighs, upper arms, bra fat, and other body areas where unwanted fatty deposits linger.

CoolSculpting involves no surgery, no anesthetic, no cutting, and no downtime – and works by freezing away unwanted fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by your body. About 25 percent of the fat cells in the target body area will be affected, leaving you looking trimmer, fitter, and more attractive – with no pain, and no incisions.

Many people – both men and women – are unhappy with the appearance of excess fat and cellulite on tummy, buttocks, thighs, love handles or other body area. CoolSculpting treatments are fast, easy to experience, non-surgical, and non-invasive. The procedure involves a precisely controlled cooling system that targets excess fat. The surrounding tissue is left undamaged, and only the fat cells are eliminated and then naturally shed by the body. As the weeks go by, the targeted area shrinks, leading to a trimmer, more attractive body contour.

Many women are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts. Whether the aesthetic problem is related to concerns about smaller breasts, droopy breast tissue, uneven size, overlarge nipples that sit lower on the breast tissue, or your breasts no longer have the youthful firm roundness after pregnancy and breastfeeding, they can be enhanced and restored.

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