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Reaction Radio Frequency in Baltimore

This treatment is no longer provided. Dr. Birely provides several other comparable treatments like, Laser Skin Resurfacing and Erbium Laser Resurfacing.

Fine lines, lax skin, and wrinkling areas of cellulite are hardly anyone’s idea of a good time.

Time and heredity can leave unwanted visible marks, marks most of us could do without. In Baltimore, patients can find skin relief. Dr. Birely provides Reaction, or Radio Frequency Treatments, to reduce marks and improve self-esteem.

What is Radio Frequency Treatment?

To reduce sagging skin and re-contour areas of cellulite, Reaction uses radio frequency and suction. The energy rays stimulate new collagen growth – smoothing and reducing wrinkles. The skin is tightened and smoothed during treatment; your skin can experience a new, more desirable appearance.

What Areas Can Benefit from Radio Frequency Treatment?

The problem areas you experience can help you determine if Reaction is right for you. As a treatment, radio frequency has a variety of applications. The areas treatable by Reaction include almost all areas of the body. The following problem areas can improve with Reaction:

  • Facial lines or wrinkles
  • Lax skin in the neck
  • Underarm lines and cellulite wrinkles
  • Creases in the stomach, buttocks, and thighs

In Baltimore, How Long Does a Reaction Treatment Take?

The versatility of Reaction also can be attributed to its short treatment time. A treatment performed in the Baltimore and Lutherville areas also takes minimal time out of your day. Appointments range between fifteen and forty minutes. If you choose to treat more areas, you can expect your treatment to take longer than if you were to treat a singular area. In Baltimore, Dr. Birely can tell you more about what to expect during a Reaction treatment. You can experience tighter looking skin and enjoy a more youthful appearance.


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