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Breast Implants: It’s a Personal Decision

No matter your reasons for breast augmentation, we want you to be as comfortable with your choice for augmentation as possible. If you have additional questions, please discuss these with Dr. Bierly prior to your surgery. Our goal is to make breast augmentation one of the most beautiful journeys of your life.

Will I Need to Replace My Breast Implants?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to breast augmentation. One of the most common is that your breast implants have an expiration date. Unless you develop complications, there is no need to remove and replace your breast implants once your augmentation is complete.

Will Breast Implants Increase My Cleavage?

The answer to the question depends solely on your anatomy. The distance between your breasts will not change as a result of breast augmentation, and the amount of cleavage you have depends on this distance. If your breasts are currently more widely set, breast implants will give your breasts a more voluptuous profile but will usually not affect your cleavage.

Will I Lose the Sensation in my Nipples?

It is not uncommon to have changes in nipple sensation following breast augmentation. Many women report that they either lose sensation or have heightened nipple sensation immediately following surgery. In most cases, however, any changes in sensation are usually temporary. As your body heals from breast augmentation surgery and the nerve pathways are repaired, sensation will gradually begin to return to normal. The timeline for this process is about three to six months.

Will I Have Noticeable Scars Following Breast Augmentation?

As with any surgery, scarring is inevitable following breast augmentation surgery. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who is skilled in breast augmentation, such as Dr. Brent Bierly, is the best way to ensure that any scarring you experience will be minimal.

Should I Select Round or Teardrop-Shaped Implants for my Breast Augmentation?

Another misconception surrounding breast augmentation is that round implants produce round breasts and teardrop-shaped implants create a more natural-looking breast. Both shapes of implants can produce attractive, natural-looking breasts. The type of implant selected for you is largely determined by your anatomy.

Round implants most often come to mind when thinking of breast augmentation surgery. They can offer a very natural shape and are may be softer to the touch than teardrop-shaped implants. Teardrop-shaped implants may have a greater chance of holding their original shape over time, but there is a very slight risk that they will rotate causing a deformation in the appearance of the breast. Teardrop-shaped implants are generally firmer to the touch than round implants due to the custom silicone gel filling.

The key to achieving beautiful breasts is selecting a surgeon who is skilled and experienced in breast augmentation surgery. Showing your doctor photographs of what you would like your breasts to look like following surgery will help him to understand your vision for your new curves. Dr. Bierly understands how the different types of implants will appear on a variety of body types, and he will recommend the most appropriate type of implant for your frame.

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