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Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Any woman who has breast augmentation surgery is likely to require revision surgery at some point in time, as implants are not designed to last a lifetime. Revision surgery is more complicated than primary breast augmentation with implants.

At Artistry in Plastic Surgery in Baltimore, we perform breast implant revision surgery with artistry and skill, along with quality of caring service.

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What Is Breast Implant Revision Surgery?

Typically, breast implant revision involves removing and replacing existing breast implants. It may be performed to correct complications resulting from previous breast implant surgery, or to change the size or type of implants for aesthetic reasons. Regardless of the reason it is performed, the goal of breast implant revision surgery is to restore a youthful and pleasing breast contour and appearance.

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Why Choose Dr. Birely?

At Artistry in Plastic Surgery we have a very comfortable office located minutes away from Baltimore, very conveniently located for patients in all the surrounding areas.

Our philosophy is founded on the belief that every individual is unique, and we tailor our practice to meet each patient’s special needs.

Our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable and to achieve results that are compatible with your aesthetic desires.

What Should I Expect with the Procedure?

Breast implant revision surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. The amount of time it takes to perform will depend on what is required in the procedure.

The steps of a breast implant revision surgery will depend to a large extent on the reason for the surgery. In many cases, it involves removing existing implants and replacing them with new implants, for a change in size or type of implant, or when an implant has ruptured. This procedure may also involve:

  • Breast lift procedure to correct sagging
  • Release of scar tissue, in the case of capsular contracture (a complication in which the scar tissue capsule contracts around the implant, squeezing and distorting it)
  • Change of the pocket location (where the implant sits) to correct “bottoming out” or symmastia (when the implant pockets meet in the middle of the chest)

What Is Recover Like after Breast Implant Revision?

You can expect to return to work in one or two weeks after surgery but should avoid vigorous activities for at least three weeks. Bruising should subside within two weeks and swelling should begin to resolve within three weeks.

You will need to keep your head and shoulders elevated for the first 24 hours and wear a surgical bra for a certain length of time, as instructed by our doctor. Keep arm movement to a minimum for the first 48 hours, and do not use your arms to lift anything heavy or to support your body. Medication will be prescribed to relieve any discomfort, which is best taken with food.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Implant Revision Surgery

What Are the Reasons to Have Breast Implant Revision Surgery?

Women who have breast implants may need revision surgery for various reasons, including:

  • Implant leak or rupture: Breast implants are durable, but they are not designed to last forever.
  • Rippling: With this complication, visible rippling of the breast implant can be seen on the surface of the skin. It is most common among thinner individuals.
  • Capsular contracture: A scar tissue capsule naturally forms around the implant after it is surgically placed in the chest. Capsular contracture occurs when the capsule begins contracting around the implant, which can lead to breast distortion and pain.
  • Bottoming out: When implants drop significantly on the chest, it makes the implants too low and the nipples too high in comparison. Revision surgery is performed to reposition and secure the implants in the proper position.
  • Symmastia: With this complication the pockets that contain the implants merge together across the center of the chest.
  • Implant downsizing: Many women who have breast implants decide they want a smaller size.
  • Change in type, shape, or position of implants: Women who are unhappy with the aesthetic results of primary breast implant surgery may opt for revision surgery to achieve their cosmetic goals.

When Will I See Results?

Although you will see results sooner, final results with breast implant revision surgery will be visible when healing is complete and all post-surgical swelling has subsided. At three months after surgery, you can expect to be approximately 80 percent healed.

We are open and seeing patients!

In order to make the process as effective and safe as possible, we will be instituting several new measures:

  • Staff members will be wearing masks and the appropriate PPE during your visit. We also request that you wear a mask or face covering when coming to the office.
  • In order to minimize patient to patient interaction, we are asking you to call us from your car upon arrival to the parking lot.
  • Upon arrival and upon leaving the office, you will be asked to use hand sanitizer. This will be available at the front counter.
  • We will be scheduling patients with 15-minute gaps between appointments in order to disinfect rooms and to avoid patient to patient contact in the reception area.
  • If you are suffering from any upper respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms (cough, sneezing, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting, etc), or if you have had recent contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive, please stay home and reschedule your appointment.
  • We ask that you refrain from bringing children or friends along with you to your appointment.
  • If you do not have an appointment and need to make a purchase or an appointment in person, please call our office at 410-828-9570 first so we can better assist you.

As medical professionals, we are taking this virus very seriously and will be following all infection control procedures as issued by the CDC and the Maryland Occupation Safety and Health Association.

These are interesting times we are living in and we appreciate your cooperation with the above measures.

Thank You and Stay Well,

Dr. Birely and Staff

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