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The quest for age-defying skin treatments has reached new heights with the development of EMFACE. This advanced treatment device lifts and smooths aging skin, without needles, in total comfort, creating visible improvements in skin quality and lift, and takes only 20 minutes.

How does EMFACE work?

EMFACE calls upon the natural healing capacity of your skin. The device emits two types of energies to the skin tissues: “Synchronized RF” and “HIFES™”(High Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation). 

  • Synchronized RF energy works to remodel and smooth skin through customized heating of the skin’s deeper layer, the dermis, and triggering the natural production of the skin’s supporting collagen and elastin fibers. 
  • The HIFES technology triggers muscle contractions in the skin to enhance muscle strength and structure. This treatment can produce remarkable changes in skin quality and firmness, reported at 37 percent wrinkle reduction, 23 percent lifting, and a 30 percent increase in facial muscle tone. 

Needle-free, painless facial rejuvenation with EMFACE

Imagine undergoing a 20-minute treatment that is painless, comfortable, and produces results you can see and feel – that’s the beauty of EMFACE. The device applicators are applied to the forehead and cheeks, leading to a noticeable lifting and smoothing effect on the entire face without discomfort, pain, or recovery time.

What is the treatment like to experience?

When under the care of Dr. Birely and his team of skin rejuvenation experts, your experience will be comfortable, private, and painless. Your facial skin will be cleansed while you rest comfortably on a treatment bed. The applications are then placed on the cheeks and forehead. You will feel the sensation of muscle contractions and a gentle heating effect, which has been compared to the comfort of a hot stone massage. Once completed, you are free to return to your regular activities with no concerns. 

How many EMFACE treatments will I need?

For the most visible smoothing and lifting effect, a series of four 20-minute treatments at five-to-ten-day intervals is advised. You will see immediate results, with the optimal lifting and smoothing effect achieved at about 90 days following your last treatment. This allows your skin and muscles the time they need to regenerate and produce more collagen and elastin – nature’s ideal skin-smoothing elements.

EMFACE Before & Afters

Who is a candidate for EMFACE?

As EMFACE treatments are non-invasive and do not involve chemicals or needles, most people are good candidates for this treatment, even those who rely on injectable treatments to keep the skin smooth and looking flawless.

What are the benefits of EMFACE?

We all dream of finding the “fountain of youth,” and a treatment that can smooth away the effects of time. With EMFACE, you can experience several benefits:

  • No downtime
  • No pain or discomfort
  • Comfortable to experience
  • No needles or chemicals
  • Noticeable smoothing effect
  • Visible facial lifting – no surgery
  • Triggers natural skin regeneration
  • Builds natural collagen and elastin fibers

What is the downtime after EMFACE?

EMFACE treatments do not involve any downtime or need to hide away while your skin heals. Once the treatment is finished, you can just go about your day as normal. 

Does EMFACE work?

EMFACE has been the subject of nine clinical studies and was thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy. It is not only very effective as a skin smoothing and lifting treatment but could be the ideal treatment for younger patients who want to prolong the look of healthy, youthful skin and prevent the onset of wrinkling and sagging.

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Why choose us for EMFACE?

Dr. Brent Birely is one of the leading board-certified plastic surgeons in the Baltimore area and has established a Med Spa equipped with the latest advances in aesthetics, including EMFACE. The Med Spa is private, and luxurious, and offers a full array of the world’s most effective treatments. Our aestheticians bring truly outstanding skills and the highest level of personalized care to every treatment. Would you love to have smoother, firmer, more lifted skin without the stress of recovery? We invite you to consult with us and find out more about EMFACE treatments.

Learn About Dr. Birely

Dr. Brent Birely is a board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in Lutherville and Bel Air, serving patients from Baltimore, Towson, Columbia, Westminster, and other Maryland cities. He is a very well regarded leader in cosmetic surgery and patient safety, and specializes in procedures including breast augmentation, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, facelift, and body lifting procedures after weight loss.

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