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Male Facelift in Baltimore

I am from Baltimore and would like to restore youth in my face, would a male facelift help?

While there are many similarities between male and female facelifts, there is a special art to the male operation. A certain artistic level is required to execute the male facelift in a manner that compliments a man’s years of experience and masculinity. Dr. Birely knows and honors a man’s desire to uphold his physical appearance. A facelift with Dr. Birely is an incredibly detailed and crafted procedure accustomed to your unique facial profile. The actual procedure involves making very small incisions on marked areas of the face and neck while the patient is anesthetized, and adjusting both the skin and underlying layers to rest on sturdy facial structures.

Am I a male facelift candidate?

If you notice any of the following and desire a change you may be a good candidate for a male facelift.

  • Sinking of the cheeks
  • Deep crease marks reaching across the face
  • Extra sagging skin

What can I expect?

During your consultation with Dr. Birely you can expect a friendly and educational interaction. Things to anticipate discussing at your consultation:

  • Your questions/concerns/expectations
  • Your medical history, past and present medications, previous surgeries, allergies
  • Detailed explanation of the male facelift procedure
  • Cost of your unique procedure

What does the recovery after a male facelift in your Bel Air or Lutherville locations?

Patients are able to go home the night of their surgery and begin the recovery process immediately. Although it is not considered a painful surgery, if you are experiencing discomfort we can provide pain medicine to alleviate any discomfort. Most patients are back to work within a week of their operation and back to a normal routine, including exercise, within two to three weeks.


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