5 Reasons You May be a Candidate for Eyelid Surgery in the Baltimore Area

When you first meet someone, where do you look? Some people look at a spot between the forehead, others choose the nose. Most of us choose the eyes. The eyes may offer a very distinct impression; for this reason Baltimore cosmetic surgeons offer blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery near Baltimore can alter the appearance of the eyes. Here are 5 reasons candidates choose blepharoplasty:

1). Look Alert

Some may arrive at our Baltimore office to put an end to the question: “Are you tired?” When patients’ eyelids droop and sag, people can get the impression of fatigue. A blepharoplasty, after removing drooping and sagging, can give a more awake and alert appearance.

2). Limit Puffiness

Sometimes the lower lids can be puffy and swollen looking. Excess fat tissue in the lower lids can make the eyes appear less open and youthful. In Baltimore, some patients come into the office for this reason. During eyelid surgery, Dr. Birely can remove excess tissue from the eyelids and give patients a more open look. Under eye bags can also see improvement with surgery.

3). Improve Vision

When the upper lid sags too far, a patient may notice impaired vision. They are unable to see properly with the drooping skin. Peripheral vision may be moderately limited with upper lid droop; an eyelid surgery can remove excess tissue and improve overall vision.

4). Remove Wrinkles

Vision can decline with age, but wrinkles may increase. Crow’s feet, or horizontal lines extending from the sides of the eyes, can see improvement with eyelid surgery. A blepharoplasty near Baltimore, MD can tighten the skin and rid the eyes of a more aged look. Patients may experience a more youthful look to their face after an eyelid procedure.

5). Reposition Tissue

To further create a youthful eye appearance, Dr. Birely may also reposition fat tissue. Fat tissue that may overwhelm the lower lid appearance can be transferred to a higher eye position. Patients choose blepharoplasty to create a more proportionate eye frame. When fat tissue is more evenly distributed, the eye can look fuller and more alert.

Patients choose blepharoplasty with many expectations in mind. They want to improve vision, they desire less wrinkles, or they desire a better first eye impression. Whatever your desires may be, Dr. Birely can help you get there. Patients, after a consultation at the Baltimore facility, can begin their journey to more alert, open, or vision improved eyes.

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