Breast Implant Options

Women across the globe opt for breast augmentation to rectify and enhance the shape and size of their breasts.


In the U.S., breast augmentation continues to be the most popular among all cosmetic procedures.


When you are considering breast augmentation, it is important to know what options are available in terms of breast implants and which one is best suited for you.


Dr. Brent Birely, the leading breast augmentation Baltimore surgeon can help you choose the ideal breast implant.


Saline breast implants: The saline implants are FDA-approved and are filled with sterile saline or salt water. These implants give a more natural look with a uniform firmness, feel, and shape. Being just salt water, the body can absorb any leaks from the implants without the risk of any toxicity.


The saline breast implants can be filled as per the requirement during the surgery. The customization makes these implants ideal for correcting breasts that do not have equal shape or size.


Structured saline breast implants: Structured implants are also filled with saline but come with the added protection from the two chambers to hold the saline and the series of shells that prevent breakage. These shells prevent folding or wrinkling of the implant which is believed to be the reason for deflation or ruptures. With improved contouring of the outer edges of the shells, the structured saline breast implants give a more natural look.


Silicone breast implants: These FDA-approved implants contain silicone gel that resembles breast tissue in texture. The silicone gels are approved for women above the age of 22. These implants have the most natural feel and score high on softness. With silicone implants, there is less risk of rippling (the appearance of wrinkles) as compared to saline breast implants.


Unlike saline implants, it is not possible to immediately notice a rupture with silicone gel implants. The gel leaks into the shell or may also leak into the implant pocket.


If you choose to have silicone implants, regular visits to Dr. Birely will help ensure the implants are intact. If needed, an MRI or ultrasound may be ordered to ascertain the status of the implants.


Gummy bear breast implants


Also called “Highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants”, these gummy bear breast implants retain the shape despite the shell’s rupture.


These gummy bear implants are stable and have thicker gel than the regular silicone gel implants. Available in two shapes of teardrop and round, these implants have very low rates of rippling, contracture or rupture. The teardrop implant provides a more natural look as compared to the round shaped implant, while both of these maintain the shape for a long time.


Smooth and textured breast implants


Smooth breast implants are round in shape and soft while giving the most natural feel and look. As they move along with the implant pocket, they also enable a more natural movement. There is a higher risk of rippling with these implants.


Textured implants have a shell that is thicker and firmer as compared to the smooth implants. These are shaped like a teardrop and the extra firm shell is designed to prevent the rotation or movement of the implant inside the breast.


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