I am from Washington D.C., how do I pick a Breast Size Appropriate for my body?

Get ready to enjoy your new figure!

So you’ve decided to have breast augmentation surgery to enlarge your breasts. There’s nothing more to it, right? Wrong. There are a multitude of factors when choosing the size, type and style of breast implants in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

I am from Towson and wondering how to pick the right size for my body?

There is an art and science to selecting implant size at Dr. Birely’s practice in Lutherville. No surgeon in his or her right mind would wait until surgery, then “guestimate.” Nor would a surgeon let the patient alone determine her new breast size. There are implant sizing systems and computer generated visualization software programs that help you and I determine the best fit.

Now let’s think about shape. Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration in 2012 and 2013, pear-shaped breast implants became available and are gaining popularity. However, here’s a caveat: If you want upper breast fullness, pear-shaped implants may not be for you. You may wish to stick to a round shape. The shaped implants are most often used in patients who are happy with their breast shape and are looking to augment their breast size without obvious upper fullness. To some, this gives a “more natural look.”

What is the difference between a smooth or textured implant?

Here’s something you may have never considered: Whether to select a smooth or textured implant. Both smooth and textured implants provide unique benefits, and there may be some trade-off in selecting which to use.

Smooth implants can feel softer than textured implants initially, but textured implants will soften with modest movement after 4 to 6 weeks. Smooth implants initially sit high and require massage, and occasional breast bands or bandeaus to “encourage” their final position, whereas textured devices are placed at the base of the breast and do not migrate as much. Thus, breast bands and downward massage are rarely, if ever, needed for textured devices.

And lastly, there’s the materials your implants are made of: Silicone gel or saline?

After breast augmentation surgery in Baltmore, there are some differences in post-operative appearance and care, depending on the implant you have inserted.

Overwhelmed with all these choices? A consultation in my Baltimore area office is the best means of determining which shape and construction is right for you.

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