Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting

For many years the only option for addressing diet and exercise resistant pockets of fat was surgical liposuction. While liposuction continues to be among the most performed plastic surgery procedures, there are now non surgical permanent fat removal options. One of these options is called CoolSculpting®.

CoolSculpting uses a patented technology which chills only the fat deposits to a temperature that destroys fat cells without damaging the skin. In this procedure, fat is slightly lifted and isolated between two applicators which then release the power of cold upon the fat cells. In some locations such as the back, body fat cannot be isolated. CoolSculpting would not be appropriate for those areas.

If you are wondering which option best suits your needs read on….

Liposuction is a surgical procedure which removes fat through a process called tumescent liposuction. During surgery the treatment area is infused with a solution which has two purposes; local anesthesia and eliminating blood loss. This makes the procedure very safe but may not be recommended for people with certain medical conditions, particularly those who cannot tolerate general anesthesia.

Patients with significant fatty deposits would likely achieve a more cosmetically desirable outcome with liposuction surgery and also would achieve their goals faster than with CoolSculpting. During liposuction fat is removed immediately as opposed to the time necessary for CoolSculpting to take effect. Of course with liposuction there are several weeks of recovery necessary while with CoolSculpting there is no recovery needed.

Not a weight loss solution

While liposuction isn’t intended to be a weight loss solution, it is successfully used to remove larger quantities of fat in the tummy, back, legs and arms. This gives a boost to an overall weight loss program and can immediately improve overall health for those with significant weight to lose.

CoolSculpting is a lunch hour type of procedure. It is intended to be a spot reduction treatment for those who are at or near their ideal weight but have annoying and stubborn fat deposits. Typically these areas are around the waist, the outside of the thighs and the upper arms.

Treatment takes about an hour and as there is no anesthesia required, normal daily activities can be resumed immediately. Results take from 3 weeks to 3 months to fully appear. Usually there is a 20% reduction in these areas which can be quite dramatic for many people.

Non surgical double chin eraser

Additionally CoolSculpting technology has recently been approved to treat fatty deposits under the chin and on the neck. Using the specially adapted CoolMini™ applicator under chin fat can be significantly reduced in one to two sessions scheduled about 6 weeks apart.

Your options for permanent fat removal will depend on your overall health, the amount and location of the fatty deposits you want addressed and your goals. Both liposuction and CoolSculpting have specific uses and are equally effective in helping you achieve the silhouette you have worked so hard to achieve. Combining treatments may be your overall best option. A consultation with Dr. Birely will be the best way to select the right option for you.

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