Options for Massive Weight-Loss

As anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight knows, weight-loss journeys are never easy. The path you take a slimmer, healthier body can be full of ups and downs. You probably have exhibited significant discipline and self-control as you have traveled this path. You deserve to celebrate the new you when you reach your final destination!

Sometimes, however, that destination is a little less idyllic than you had imagined. Loose, sagging skin, stubborn pockets of fat, stretch marks, and a lack of the slim, trim body contour you envisioned may make your weight-loss achievements disappointing. Never fear! Dr. Birely can help you finally to realize the body shape that matches your ideal.

Lift Surgery following Significant Weight-Loss

Just like a facelift is used to tighten the skin of the face, smooth deep lines, and wrinkles, and produce a more youthful appearance, the same techniques can be used to help the body. Body lift surgery has been practiced for decades and is a safe, effective way to remove excess skin and fat deposits following significant weight-loss.

Not only that; body lift surgery can also help to remove and/or conceal stretch marks and tighten the skin of the body to reveal the contours of a new slim, trim figure. This surgical procedure is performed by creating an incision in a discreet location on the body, and then using that incision to remove excess skin and fatty tissue. Once healed, the incision line fades and is hidden beneath even the most revealing clothing.

Body Lift for a Trimmer, More Sculpted Figure

Body lift surgery can be performed over the entire body, or in designated areas that you would like to improve. These individualized procedures include:

Tummy Tuck for Significant Weight-Loss

When you’ve lost a significant amount of weight from your midsection, sometimes the best choice is a tummy tuck. As fat settles into your abdominal region and gravity has its way with your skin, sometimes no amount of weight loss will restore the skin to a taut, firm appearance. When you lose a massive amount of weight, often your reward is loose, sagging skin that leaves you feeling embarrassed, and forced to wear clothing styles to hide the sagging skin and tissue.

In a tummy tuck, incisions are made just above the hip bones. As the skin is lifted away from the incision, Dr. Birely will repair the abdominal tissue as needed, remove any extra soft tissue and extra skin, and then close the incision leaving you with a firm, flat abdomen.

For patients who have experienced massive weight-loss, a fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty is another option. Like a tummy tuck, incisions are made in the abdomen and excess fatty tissue and skin is removed. With fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty, an additional vertical incision is made down the center of the abdominal region, providing an additional option for the removal of excess soft tissue and skin.

Mommy Makeover: Customized Body Contouring

Mothers struggle after pregnancy when the muscles of the abdomen to separate from the skin and supporting tissue, leading to a split look to the tummy, often covered with excess stretched skin and fatty deposits. Breasts may have lost their firm plump, youthful look. A mommy makeover is a custom procedure to address the unique concerns of the individual and restore a firm, youthful look to breasts and body.

Liposuction following Significant Weight-Loss

While liposuction is not an appropriate treatment for significant weight-loss, it can be a tool to use in eliminating stubborn fat deposits that are have not disappeared with diet and exercise. As you gain weight, your skin stretches allowing your fat cells to expand. When you lose massive amounts of weight, this excess skin gives fat cells a place to “hide” in your body. Liposuction can be used to remove these unwanted fat cells, providing a sleek, contoured body that you can be proud to show off in revealing clothing.

No matter which option you choose for body contouring following massive weight-loss, Dr. Birely will guide you every step of the way, to help you achieve a sculpted, trim body shape that looks natural, youthful, and firm.

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