Plastic Surgery Options for Men

While women continue to be by far the largest segment of the population seeking cosmetic enhancement, men are finding their way into the offices of plastic surgeons in increasing numbers. Having cosmetic surgery or one of the less invasive procedures is no longer considered vain or ‘unmanly’ but rather an extension of taking care of physical fitness.

With improvements in physical health and fitness levels, men want their external appearance to reflect how vital and alive they actually feel. Additionally, men are more willing to tackle a physical trait that detracts from their appearance undermining their confidence in social and work based situations.

Among men the procedures that are most popular are:

These procedures require very little down time so that men can schedule a surgical procedure during their vacation time returning to work and social functions looking refreshed. Some procedures only require a long weekend for the initial recovery period.

Eyelid surgery

This is a relatively simple procedure that can remove years of stress from the appearance. Loose skin on the eyelid and pouches of fatty tissue under the eyes gives the impression of fatigue or even depression. Eyelid rejuvenation is among the simplest surgical procedures performed. The result of removing sagging skin and correcting under eye pouches provides a bright engaged look that projects an energetic and engaged aspect.

Neck lift

Men and women both are plagued with sagging skin in the neck called a ‘turkey neck’. A neck lift will remove excess skin and fat in the neck and jawline, creating a more masculine neck and jaw profile. Additionally, men can appear overweight when excess skin and fatty tissue cause dress shirts to appear too tight particularly when worn with a tie. A neck lift is a popular treatment for men who want to look lean and chiseled in the neck and jaw area.


Men and women both have sought liposuction in greater numbers as the procedure has become safer and more comfortable. Liposuction is best used after diet and exercise have achieved the best possible result. Men usually ask for liposuction to sculpt the abdomen, flanks and the back. As the final touch to a fitness regimen, liposuction can restore a lean youthful look to the chest and midsection.

For men who have only a small amount of stubborn fat, non surgical CoolSculpting® can be done over a lunch hour. This procedure attacks fat through the application of special paddles that direct cold energy to fat cells causing them to die off over time.

Male breast reduction – gynecomastia

One of the most troubling conditions that a man can face is the accumulation of excess fat and breast tissue which creates the appearance of female breasts. This is caused both by hormone imbalances and fat accumulation. Breast reduction surgery removes the excess tissue, reshapes the nipple/areola structure and restores the flat masculine chest that defines the male of the species. Gynecomastia may be covered by insurance in some cases as well.

Men are discovering the ease of cosmetic surgery

Men are seeking cosmetic enhancement in greater numbers each year as they learn that surgery or some of the less invasive treatments can restore self confidence in social and work situations with minimal down time. Looking good is just as important to men as it is to women as evidenced by the growing trend toward cosmetic enhancement in the male population.

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