What you need to know about Tummy Tuck recovery near Washington D.C.

What Pre-Procedure Steps Can aid my Tummy Tuck Recovery in Washington D.C.?

Before having a Tummy Tuck procedure near Washington D.C., it is recommended you take steps and encourage healing. In Lutherville and Baltimore, surgeons usually ask that you continue or begin exercising regularly. This can mean taking walks, running, biking, or swimming to strengthen your body and muscles before surgery.  Patients are encouraged to maintain a high protein diet, to promote your body’s natural healing abilities. Refraining from smoking and birth control pills a month before also helps you avoid any possible complications. Avoiding certain medications like aspirin and over the counter herbal supplements is also recommended. Taking Recovery Support vitamins can also aid the healing process. Your doctor can guide you so you are prepared and ready for your Tummy Tuck.

What Can I Expect from a Tummy Tuck Surgery near Washington D.C.?

On the day of your surgery, you will have been asked to abstain from eating or drinking. Your surgeon will administer Anesthesia along with a pain medication pump during surgery. An incision will be made, and sutures will be used to rebind your skin. After the procedure, you can expect to stay overnight for inpatient care. Typically, your surgeon will give you certain garments, like compression devices, to wear to promote healing. Any dressings and garments will be changed before your discharge from the facility. You will leave the facility with specific instructions and guidelines from your doctor to help you get the most from your procedure..

What is the Nature of Tummy Tuck Recovery?

Your Recovery time will ultimately depend on your individual procedure. However, some things can be expected for your recovery. As a patient recovers, they are encouraged to assume light activity. Assistance with bathing may be necessary. After 5 days, patients are encouraged to increase their mobility but avoid driving or exercise. The incision will require cleansing during this time, and sutures will dissolve. The pain pump will be removed during this time. By 10 days, You will be increasingly active. Longer walks, and driving are permitted. By 4 weeks, patients tend to feel much better. Exercise is encouraged. By 6 weeks, exercise at full levels is acceptable.

What are some Risks of a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

Like all surgeries, there are some risks and side affects you will encounter. After surgery, you may experience numbness and occasional pain spots in the abdomen area. Swelling is typical and may increase and decrease for months after the procedure. A scar will be visible from the incision. Patients are urged to follow scar therapy guidelines and administer sunscreen to avoid scar darkening. Dr. Birely can inform you about any expectations or specific risks that may arise after your tummy tuck procedure near Washington D.C.





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