Coolsculpting: Areas You Can Handle With It

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that sculpts the body into the desired youthful shape. Being FDA-approved, CoolSculpting is the preferred way to get rid of unwanted body fat in common problem areas that are resistant to exercise or dieting. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there has been a significant increase in non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as CoolSculpting over the years.


A painless way to get rid of fat

CoolSculpting freezes fat cells which are eliminated by the body. The procedure eliminates 25% of fat in the areas targeted and proves a fitter contour without the hassles of surgery, pain or medications.


The advanced technology delivers cooling to the target area in a precise manner to freezing the cellulite or fat deposits. There is no damage to the surrounding tissue and the target area shrinks over time to give a trimmer appearance.


CoolSculpting is available across the globe. While in Taiwan, the procedure has been approved for trimming fat in flank, thigh, and abdomen areas, in China, it is approved for use in the flanks and the abdomen.


The FDA has approved the use of the procedure in the U.S. to treat excess fat in the neck region, thighs, flank, below the buttocks, submental area, abdomen back fat, as well as the upper arm.


Consulting Dr. Brent Birely, who is the best specialist in CoolSculpting Maryland region has, is advisable to understand which areas are best treated by this procedure.


Areas treated by CoolSculpting


Abdomen: Everyone craves for a flat stomach which is sometimes difficult to obtain even with a rigorous diet or exercise regimen. This is a common problem area as the body tends to store excess fat in the abdomen. It is also the best area that can be effectively targeted by CoolSculpting which gives the desired flatness.


Thighs: Thigh fat is usually stubborn and some people tend to have excess deposits in the thigh region although the rest of the body is thin. CoolSculpting is the best option to get rid of excess fat in both outer and inner areas.


Double chin: With the new technology of CoolMini, it is possible to target the double chin or the excess fat in the neck region.


CoolMini, being smaller than the regular Coolsculpting applicator, fits perfectly in the chin region. It can take up to an hour to complete the procedure below the chin. The number of sessions you need may depend on many factors. Dr. Birely can best advice on the frequency of sessions to get rid of double chin.


Upper Arms: Many people are troubled by the “bat wings” or the excess fat under the arms. CoolSculpting works best in areas where there is excess fat. If the reason for the underarm jiggle is excess loose skin rather than fat, it may not be the right fit for CoolSculpting.


If you have firmer fat on upper arms or underarms, CoolSculpting can give a better shape which makes you confident about wearing sleeveless clothes.


Underneath the buttocks: Also called “banana rolls”, the bags of fat just below the buttocks respond well to CoolSculpting. The procedure removes excess fat in this area to give a matching contour that the rest of your legs have.

Dr. Brent Birely and his office in Baltimore, Maryland has been a leader in CoolSculpting in the area. Call today to make an appointment.

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